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HAKOMI Introduction & Training Weekend

with Sophie Cattier (CH) 

The Hakomi Method, created by Ron Kurtz, is internationally recognized for its sophisticated use of mindfulness for self-study. It is a gentle yet powerful body-centred approach that reveals, heals and transforms the underlying beliefs and habits that may cause suffering. Hakomi is used by psychologists, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, teachers, counsellors, social workers, coaches and other helping professionals as a stand-alone therapy and as a adjunct of their current practice. Hakomi is also used for personal development for individuals outside of the helping professions.


In order to benefit from the experience…
You need to be ready to be with your own present experience. Your reactions to the exercises, some of which are done in mindfulness, need to be studied and reported to your small group partner. You need to be comfortable leaning in this way, with your whole body, mind and spirit.


You will...
– learn a modern, effective and scientific approach to helping people change.
– gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others and a greater freedom to choose what you will do and feel.
– find greater pleasure in everyday living and will be able to develop richer, healthier relationships.

Next dates with Sophie Cattier are:

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